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Hello & Welcome to Bookworm Productions Inc.!

We Provide Distinctive and Unusual Well-Researched Speeches and Lectures for…

…Business Meetings

…Unique Auditions for Actors

…Lectures for Luncheons and Club Presentations

Are you in need of a speech or presentation? Whether for a business group, an acting audition, or a club with an interest in local history, Bookworm Productions can provide exactly what you are seeking. We specialize in:

  • Executive presentations for corporate officers: Strategic planning, business analyses, annual reports, trend analysis
  • Customized audition pieces for standout performances
  • Lectures for club luncheons and dinners in a lighter vein with a speaker from our research staff.

Bookworm Productions has both technical and artistic experience to support research and development of pieces with a strong audience interest. Technical experience includes more than 35 years in government circles with information technology, data analyses, multi-vendor program reviews and government planning and management board reviews.

Artistic experience includes five years on local cable TV in the DC area and the development of over 70 documentaries for cable TV, specializing in local history’s more unusual topics.

With the continuing cutbacks in technical support staff the usefulness of our company increases for you. We can devote time to your project, consult with you and your lead staff, research visuals and design graphics for your tech talk. You, on the other hand, do not need to devote extended staff time to designing your talk. You will not lose time needed for your ongoing contracts and the associated deliverables. We will work in parallel, consulting with you, to provide you everything you need. We can work on retainer, or on an as needed basis.

For actors seeking audition pieces with a flair for the unusual, we have our own documentary experience to draw on and research capabilities at nearby universities to assist in the development of a memorable presentation – even if the audition permits you only the shortest time to make a great first impression!

Take a look at our information pages and contact us for assistance with your writing needs.

We look forward to assisting you!

Nadine White
Bookworm Productions Inc.